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NetBlender offers Blu-ray professional authoring and encoding solutions: dv411.com/netblender.html.

NetBlender Purchase Process

Most NetBlender products are downloadable-only; no physical product is being shipped.  Here is the customary purchase process:

  1. Download and install DoStudio from NetBlender download page:
    This will provide you with all the applications needed to complete the license process.
    Note: The License Management tool will need to be installed on the PC that will run DoStudio.  The Smart Support Tool can be installed on any PC with an internet connection.
  2. Once installed open the NetBlender License Management Tool 
  3. The NetBlender License Management Tool will show your NetBlender Global License ID (GLID).
  4. Copy the NetBlender Global Licensee ID (GLID) using the copy button and send (email) it to DV411.
  5. DV411 will then submit the GLID to NetBlender to complete the purchase process.

shortlink to this page: http://l.dv411.com/netblender