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DV411 is primarily a consulting and service company. Here is what we do:
  • Help figure out the best product, solution to achieve your goals within a specific budget. Examples:
    • shared storage system to meet your workflow requirements
    • camera capable of recording 4K 12-bit raw images with 11 stops of dynamic range for under $4K
    • workflow to handle 2000 hours of ingested video a month
  • Help configure a fast and reliable workstation for editing, compositing, VFX - on a budget. CPU, GPU, memory, internal and external storage, I/O devices and peripherals, power considerations.
Would you like our help with that? Contact us here or through social links on the bottom left, or call 310-838-9000.

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Is there something you would like to sell to us? (Such as web optimization services, offshore IT and programming services, made-in-China batteries, and other highly interesting items?) We highly recommend not contacting us with those exciting offers and instead pitching them through customary channels such as ebay, Amazon and old school street peddling. It'll be more successful. Really, we must insist.